SPARK Neuro is a biometric tech company that applies neuroscience to measure emotion and attention for optimizing advertising and entertainment.

Tapping into the Subconscious

SPARK Neuro goes right to the source, measuring brain and other nervous system activity so we can see exactly when people are engaged (and when they are not). We quantify attention and emotional levels with second-by-second precision.

Our Services

SPARK Neuro’s pioneering research combines neurological, biometric, quantitative, and qualitative methods to provide a holistic understanding of viewers’ response to your content.

Rough Cut Testing

SPARK Neuro deep dives into ads or concepts of interest, providing concrete second-by-second recommendations to validate and optimize content for maximum impact.

Early Concept Testing

SPARK Neuro evaluates initial concepts, including scripts, storyboards and animatics to select and tailor messages that point your creative in the right direction.

Breakthrough Practices

SPARK Neuro’s scientific, competitive analysis drives creative strategy, establishes best practices, and targets the white space that will make your brand break through the clutter.

Our Science & Technology

We design and implement studies to help you understand consumers beyond their rationalized, and often biased, self-reported responses by measuring brain and other nervous system activity to unlock the truth.

Our algorithms quantify what was previously only qualitative, attention and emotion.

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