Comprehensive All-in-One Research Solution


Our Methodology

SPARK Neuro is the only all-in-one solution in the research space – we do not rely solely on neuro data, nor do we rely on self-report alone. Embedded in every neuro study are both quantitative and qualitative methods that serve to contextualize and bolster our neuro findings, leaving no stone unturned.

Our Technology

Our proprietary algorithms produce objective, granular data to facilitate moment-by-moment analysis of variations in what people are thinking and feeling by using our full suite of biometric technologies alongside a mixed-method approach.

Electroencephalography (EEG) – Measures brain activity with millisecond precision to quantify attention & emotion

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) – Collects electrodermal activity signaling heightened emotion

Facial Coding – Quantifies micro-facial expressions indicating distinct emotions & reactions

Eye Tracking – Records eye movements to understand visual patterns, attention & engagement

Surveys – Collects conscious responses to specific questions, including memory, attitudes, preferences, brand affinity, etc.

Retrospective Interviews – Collects introspective insights into consumer perceptions and responses by having them look at their own brain data while being interviewed

The Output

What do the lines in the graph mean? The lines depict second-by-second emotional and attentional responses to the ad’s content.

A succesful ad contains numerous important features, including:

  • Beginning with a strong uptick in engagement
  • An emotional rollercoaster that keeps the audience engaged
  • Branding moments that align with high engagement
  • Ending with high engagement to demonstrate sustained attention